If you are looking to elevate your shave game, shave creams have a lot of advantages.

Let’s explore.


Canned foams and gels, vs creams.

Canned shave foams and gels, like the products made by Gillette, are fascinating products. You press a button and voila! A bunch of magic happens and outcomes a white magic foam. If you haven’t done so, check out the ingredients on the canned stuff to see what makes up this “magic”. The truth is the acids and propellants in canned shave cream can prematurely dull your expensive razor blades - never mind how they will mess with your skin.

Believe it or not, your skin isn’t meant to be exposed to liquefied flammable propellants.

Here's a warning on the Gillette Foamy Shave Foam: Avoid spraying toward open flame. Keep out of reach of children. You know that can't be good.

By switching to a shave cream with all-natural ingredients and properly drying your blades after use, your razor blades will last longer, and so will your skin.


Ease of use

While you can use a shaving brush with shaving creams to apply, it really isn’t necessary with many formulations. You simply wet the skin, pump it or dispense it out, apply the cream with your hand, work into the skin and proceed with your shave. It’s recommended to shave right after, or while in the shower or bath. The Schaf Shave Cream is formulated with a simple, minimalist approach, and is specially designed to work using just a small amount of product - one pump is sufficient for a shave. This is no ordinary shave cream.


Great for easily irritated skin!

I was having a lot of issues with irritated skin while shaving, but using the Schaf Shave cream has helped with redness and sensitivity leaving me with soft, happy skin. ~ Alex


Fewer nicks and irritation

Gillette Foamy Shave Cream consists of a significant amount of tiny bubbles. And last time we checked, the air is not a great lubricant. Plus the thick layer of foam is almost all wasted and goes down the drain because the only area and shave cream needs to be is between your bade and skin.

Many of the top brands of shaving cream have incredible slickness, which enables your razor blade to glide with ease. This improved slickness helps reduce chatter and tugging, which can dramatically help reduce cuts/nicks and irritation, often in the form of razor burn.

The tell-tale sign of great shave cream is the ability to make multiple passes - and that’s because the blade is not actually touching your skin and the cream is doing its job so well protecting your skin from the blade that you can make multiple passes. Of course, your blade sharpness is also a factor here, so always use a sharp blade to prevent irritation.


Natural alternative to Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream

I have eczema and during an outbreak on my legs I can't shave. It was recommended that a shaving cream be used and not just soap when I can shave my legs. I was looking for a shaving cream that would be good for sensitive skin. When I started researching Schaf Shave Cream was on the list of recommended brands. So far it has worked perfectly. No irritation to my legs from shaving. ~ Patty Y.


Get better feeling skin with an all natural shave cream.

Products like Gillette Foamy Shave Cream can irritate your skin. Between the acids, propellants, and fragrances, canned shave cream can be very irritating to some people’s skin. Extreme dryness is probably the most common outcome, as well as the lingering fragrance on one’s skin, which can be bothersome to some people - and did we mention liquefied flammable propellants? Good shave creams have natural ingredients, but the best ones have Coconut Oil, Aloe, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and plant-based emollients that set the stage for a super-close, comfortable shave that's free of nicks and cuts, irritation, and razor burn. 

If you want better feeling skin choose an all natural shave gel like Schaf Skin Care. 

I have never had a shave so close and comfortable in my life. I even used an old blade and still got my best shave ever. I will be using your product exclusively from here on. I would recommend this product to any and everyone. ~ Keith B.


Ingredients to Avoid in Shaving Creams

There are a lot of ingredients in canned shaving products – some of them good, some bad, some awful.
Here are some ingredients to watch out for in your shave creams, gels, and soaps brought to you by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Red List , which is part of the MADE SAFE screening process for personal care products.

    Our products contain none of these harmful ingredients. Gillette, not so much.


    Choose a Natural Shave Cream Like Schaf Instead Of Gillette Foamy
    Summer is short, which is why it’s good to have an efficient shave routine, for quick grooming and touch-ups - on whatever body part you need to shave ;-). More than just razor burn, canned shaving foams and gels can burn the wallet with how they can prematurely dull your expensive shave cartridges. Consider choosing a shaving cream with recognizable ingredients that gives you an amazing post-shave feeling.

    The Schaf Shave Cream is scent-free, unisex (for men and women), and is specially formulated for sensitive skin. If you have ever struggled with poor shaves or razor bumps and want to get a close shave with no irritation, be sure to give it a try.


    Awarded Best Shaving for Women and Men by Fashion Magazine.
    Awarded Best Shaving Cream For Women by Elite Beauty Awards. 

    My fave!

    Absolutely love this shave cream. Razor glides easily and no rashes! The best! ~ Lee-anne C.