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Radically Simple. Freakishly Effective.

We're not here to dazzle you with marketing gimmicks or glitz. We're here to create exceptionally simple and effective skincare that solves your skin issues and delivers healthy skin. Shop our collection
Give the gift of healthy skin this holiday season.

A simple, yet extremely potent 2-step routine for healthy, youthful looking skin.

Working together, they shield skin from dehydration, and promote healthy skin aging. Your skin will appear plump, firmed, visibly lifted, nourished, and restored. the dynamic duo

What they're saying.

"My new favourite product, I am obsessed - I have sensitive, mature dry skin and have tried so many other creams, toners, lotions, and oils - nothing compares to this, I'm literally throwing everything else away."


Amanda BCustomer

The vegan formula is light, fluffy and legit packed with goodness. It’s a nourishing blend of natural and organic, non-fragrant plant oils like antioxidant Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, vitamins and minerals.

What surprises me about the formula is the high concentration of skin-fortifying peptides. I love this stuff! While it’s heavy on pro-skin health actives, it never feels heavy on my skin. And that’s nothing to laugh about!

Carmine Montalto, SkincarmaSkincare writer and editor

After I apply this, I can’t help but admire how silky my skin feels. As someone with a highly reactive complexion, I love that it’s formulated without fragrance, essential oils, or artificial color.


Taylor Davis, ELLE MagazineBeauty editor

This is the one serum you need to be using for fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated to be an all-in-one multi-action serum, it brightens, hydrates, plumps and diminishes fine lines. Vitamin C boosts brightness through its antioxidant properties, hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin, and peptides help stimulate collagen production to diminish fine lines.  And it's vegan and cruelty-free. 


Dr. Hadley C. King, MD, FAADDermatologist

I LOVE this moisturizer. I notice that my deep forehead wrinkles are much less pronounced when I use this cream. It layers beautifully under makeup and sunscreen, and does not irritate my hyper sensitive skin. This is a must have for me. I really love this company, what they put into their products, and what they choose not to put in their products. I also love the packaging; air tight, dispenses the perfect amount, and I don’t feel like I am paying extra for “pretty” packaging. Thank you for making such a lovely product!!


Debbie B.Customer

As someone who has tried every premium skincare brand under the sun, I keep returning to Schaf. While I tend to look past the marketing buzz words, I go straight to their ingredients list to verify its quality. And Schaf is the real deal — especially their new product, Restore. With a healthy dose of shea, niacinamide, Vitamin E and peptides, my skin is well moisturized and feels fantastic. My skin drinks it up nicely and evens out my tone for a healthy texture. Restore is a powerhouse of fantastic ingredients and my face can sense it. Plus, the price point is amazing! I’ve tried products triple the price and they don’t compare.


Andy L.Customer


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