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Our story

We’re a husband and wife team that started our skincare journey in our 50’s. 

Our skin had been through hell. It dealt with that 20-step routine we abandoned after day five, survived the "miracle" products that did absolutely nothing, and weathered more empty promises than a politician during election season.

We were fed up with pseudo-scientific jargon and promises of miracles in a jar. I was frustrated and found it challenging to find skincare brands that could be trusted to simplify our lives with simple, safe, effective products.

I believed I could create something better. So we developed our own simple, clean, high-performance skincare line.

(I'm not saying we're superheroes, but has anyone ever seen us and flawless skin in the same room together? Coincidence? We think not.)

If you're ready to break up with complicated skincare routines and join the revolution of people who actually like what they see in the mirror, Schaf is here for you. Because let's be honest, your face deserves better than soap and a prayer.