About us

We’re a husband and wife team in our 50s that started our clean skincare journey believing that we could create something highly effective that worked for us both on our (ahem) 'mature' skin. That’s when our genderless, minimalistic approach to natural skincare products was born.

We believe there are far more differences between our individual skin conditions that go beyond gender, and those individual conditions even vary from season to season. So lumping us all into the two camps of men or women is just silly. That’s why we created a line of genderless skincare products that promote healthy skin aging utilizing our potent concentrations of science backed, plant based, High-Performance Hydration Technology™

peter and gina schafrick

Founder story

After years of dealing with skin issues, my wife and I took a closer look at the ingredients in the skincare and grooming products we used. It shocked us to learn that we were constantly coating our faces with irritants and sensitizers.

This was a huge WTF moment – we were soaking up big corporate irritants and paying for it in more ways than one.

I thought there must be a better way, so I enlisted the help of a chemist and formulator to create products without all the crap that was causing our flare-ups and breakouts. And they worked. Our skin looked good again, and we felt good again.

We believe that in order to achieve healthy skin, a simple, less-is-better practice using irritant-free products to clean and nurture skin needs to be followed to break the cycle of overstimulation and reset the skin's natural balance and regeneration system.


~Peter Schafrick

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