For your skin, not your gender.

We believe there are far more differences between our individual skin conditions that go beyond gender, and those individual conditions even vary from season to season. So lumping us all into the two camps of men or women is just silly.

That’s why we created a line of genderless, high-performance skincare products that promote healthy skin aging utilizing our potent concentrations of science-backed, plant based, High-Performance Hydration Technology™

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You don't have problem skin, you have problem products.

Some skin care brands and trendy skin care regimes encourage a multitude of steps and products - as many as 12 steps a day! That's just nuts.

Applying too much product trains your skin to rely on these products - so it gets lazy, and can't find any kind of balance with all the product being thrown at it, which perpetuates many skin problems. 

We believe biggest mistake people make when it comes to skincare is thinking they need different products for different genders or skin types. While it is true that there are some differences between male and female skin, that doesn’t fundamentally change how skin works or what it needs to calm, heal, and protect itself.

Our less-is-better philosophy is about taking a few steps back, using fewer but better products, harnessing the power of multitasking, and discovering how a simpler, cleaner skincare routine can result in better looking, healthier skin.

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Founder story.

We’re a husband and wife team in our 50’s that started our skincare journey believing that we could create something effective and clean that worked for the both of us. That’s when our genderless approach to skincare was born. As our brand evolved, we’ve served over 6,500+ customers with 5 star results, and have doubled down on the belief that skincare can both work exceptionally well, and contribute to healthy skin aging.

Peter Schafrick
CEO, Schaf Skincare

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