I've spend almost two decades in the studio as an advertising photographer specializing in liquids and splashes. www.schafrick.com

Working with beauty brands, I was always on the lookout for various liquids I could use on set to replicate various lotions and potions that I tossed around and splashed about, and a local producer of skincare (with a very creative chemist) supplied me with various liquid concoctions of colour, viscosity, and opacity that met my requirements for my photo shoots.

Having struggled with sensitive skin for years, my wife and I decided to take a much closer look at the products our kids and I were using almost every day.

It shocked us to find out we were constantly coating our faces with irritants and sensitizers like synthetic preservatives, sulfates, dyes, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, essential oils and fragrances – all the stuff that’s proven to trigger sensitive skin.

This was a huge WTF moment – we were soaking up big corporate irritants and paying for it in more ways than one.

So I called my chemist, and together we started a year long journey testing dozens of formulations that met three criteria: I wanted products to be simple, safe, and effective.

We developed products that cut out all the crap that was causing our flare-ups and break-outs. And they worked!

Our skin looked healthy again. We felt good again. Our confidence was restored.

Once I had a few products that we could no longer live without, we gave samples to friends and family. They were a hit!

Now I make it my mission to bring better skincare products to everyone:

    • CLEAN - No fragrances, irritants or sensitizers.
    • GREEN - 100% natural and vegan.
    • SIMPLE BUT MIGHTY - Delivers visible results and healthy skin.

     "Helping people find their optimal skin health and solving real skin issues is my motivation. I believe less is best and it’s why I set out to create clean & simple skincare products that work for all genders, ages and skin types." 

      Skin sensitivities can be attributed to a long list of toxins and irritants found in many skin care brands. We don't believe there's a safe level for any skin irritant, including ubiquitous ingredients like fragrance and essential oils. 

      Your skin is pretty amazing on its own. Our products help it do its thing by cutting out all the stuff that can wreak havoc, and only using the good stuff your skin needs to calm, clear, heal and protect itself.

      I also believe simplicity and minimalism is the essence of wellbeing. That's why I created simple, effective, multi-purpose products that don't discriminate - they work well for all genders, ages, and skin types, helping you solve real skin issues and find your ideal skin health.

      Schăf rhymes with laugh, and that’s how we feel now that we don’t have to slap nasty irritants all over our faces. It’s time you had a good laugh too. 
      ~Peter Schafrick