Some recent evidence suggests that the number of people with sensitive skin is actually soaring. And that skin types can be grouped into oily, dry, combination or sensitive - or some combination of these. What causes sensitive skin?

The truth is, sensitive skin is not a type of skin. Neither is oily, dry or combination.

These are skin conditions.


Sensitive skin is not a skin type - it’s a skin condition.

And these are labels we’ve been conditioned to believe that something is inherently wrong with us and our skin.  But skin health is more fluid, and changes in the skin are perfectly normal - especially as the seasons change, or you hit (gulp) your 40’s and 50’s.

There’s a misconception out there that people think they have sensitive skin. But not a lot of discussion or education is out there as to why people believe they have developed sensitive skin.


What causes sensitive skin?

Skin sensitivities can be attributed to a long list of toxins and irritants found in many skincare brands. Skin sensitivities can also be a result of using too many products.

We don't believe there's a safe level for any skin irritant, including ubiquitous ingredients like fragrance and essential oils. More about our philosophy.

Schăf works because of what's in them as much as what's not. We cut out all the stuff that can wreak havoc and only use the good stuff skin needs to calm, clear, heal and protect itself.

Schăf also works because we promote a less-is-best philosophy that works to resolve skin conditions due to excessive use of skincare products. That’s right. Using too many products is a major factor in developing sensitive skin.


Using too many products is a major factor in developing sensitive skin.

Our first recommendation for any of our customers who have a problem or sensitive skin is to try and convince them to use less product. A lot less.

And rather than developing formulations for sensitive skin, dry skin, or oily skin, we developed a simple, uncomplicated, non-sensitizing line of universal products for a diverse audience with various skin concerns.