The Good Face Project (GFP) is one of the most trusted resources worldwide for fact-checking toxic and unsafe ingredients in skincare, makeup, hair, baby products and more. The Good Face Project employs the latest science combined with artificial intelligence to analyze product formulations using the most up-to-date publicly available scientific research to provide consumers with an independently validated and fact-based safety guide.


All products that receive GFP’s Seal of Approval are thoroughly vetted

Analyze over 100,000 ingredients

Utilize over 21,000 scientific research sources

Each ingredient is tagged for 15 dimensions of safety and efficacy

More than 1,500 toxic chemicals are currently banned from cosmetics in the European Union and Canada but are still present in the majority of personal care products used today in North America. 


    "A skincare brand rarely receives the Good Face Project Seal of Approval for its entire line, and we’re pleased to have achieved this exceptional level of recognition. Today’s consumers are looking for a trusted source for clean beauty, without compromising product efficacy. The GFP seal of approval provides transparency between brands and consumers, making certain our customers know that Schaf provides the high-quality and safety they want with a brand they can trust. We are thrilled to receive the Good Face Project Seal of Approval for our entire line of skincare, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the cleanest skincare brands in North America."  ~ Peter Schafrick, Founder Schaf Skincare


    The elite certification from Good Face Project positions the entire Schaf skincare line in the premium tier of clean skincare brands worldwide. Few skincare brands meet the highest Good Face Project criteria, setting the Schaf brand apart for its clean, non-toxic, safe, and high-quality standards.

    We make simple, clean, inclusive skincare that works because of what's in it, and what's not. Schaf Skincare cut out all the irritants and sensitizers - including fragrances and essential oils - that can wreak havoc on the skin, and only uses potent concentrations of skin-friendly, high-performance, plant-based ingredients formulated to deliver healthy skin.


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