The juries divided and conquered, tirelessly slathering, sniffing and spraying all 477 entries in skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, nail polish and fragrance to select the winners based on performance, quality, packaging and ease of use. 

To see what a man wants on his top shelf, we asked our features editor, Greg Hudson; influencer, Jonathan Caveliere; hairstylist and makeup artist, Richard Jastrzebski; and Patrick Willoughby, a reader of Title Magazine to give their thumbs up on men's fragrance and grooming products.


The Schaf Shave Cream is an award-winning unscented shave cream that softens stubble and helps prevent nicks, cuts, irritation and razor burn for the smoothest, most comfortable (and enjoyable!) shave imaginable. 

Formulated with a soothing blend of Coconut Oil and plant-based emollients to buffer skin from shave trauma. Aloe helps soothe irritation and Hyaluronic Acid hydrates dry, dehydrated skin. Fragrance-free and soap-free so even you sensitive skin types will love it!

Awarded Best Shaving Cream for Women and Men by Fashion Magazine.
Awarded Best Natural Shaving Cream WWD
Awarded Best Natural Shaving Cream - Elite Magazine