Summertime is approaching, and it's an excellent time to hone in on your at-home shaving routine. 

To start with, it's imperative to have a sharp blade. A classic manual women's razor, as does an electric shaver, works well. However, one thing you'll need for sure is a great shaving cream.


What to look for in the best women's shaving cream

Soothing ingredients
Shaving cream is a moisturizing and protective barrier between your skin and your razor meant to soften the hair before shaving and protect your skin from the sharp blade. That's why most formulas are made with hydrating ingredients. When looking for a women's shaving cream, you want to look for a formulation containing soothing yet moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and aloe vera, and plenty of ingredients that provide slip - like vegetable glycerin. An unscented shave cream ensures no irritation from strong fragrances typically found in shaving products.

Sensitive skin formulas
Many formulas are made with sensitive skin in mind. If you have sensitive skin, you'll want to use an unscented shave cream, free from sulphates, ethanolamines and parabens. Most sensitive skin formulas will mention that they are irritant-free, but you can always read the ingredients list to ensure they're absent. Another tip is that you can look for natural formulas. Those tend to be friendlier for all skin types.


best shave cream for women


The different types of shaving cream formulas

Not all shaving creams have the same consistency. There are a few different popular formulas to note:

These tend to be thicker and lather less. Creams are better for your skin because they are denser, and more of the cream is in contact with your skin to protect it and deliver a more comfortable shave. 

Gels tend to be tackier in texture and often become foamy when lathered. This is the most traditional formula that stays put until you shave it off, but because foam consists of air tiny air bubbles, there is less product between your skin and the sharp blade.

These usually come in a spray canister and immediately turn to foam. However, the acids and propellants in canned shave cream can really mess with your skin.

Best Natural Shaving Cream - Awarded by WWD
Schaf Shave Cream

Schaf's all-natural cream is formulated with a soothing blend of coconut oil and plant-based emollients. Ingredients like aloe and Vitamin E help soothe irritation, while hyaluronic acid hydrates dry skin. This shave cream doesn't foam quite like a traditional shave cream, but it's much more soothing and moisturizing and works perfectly to protect skin for a close, comfortable shave. It's also fragrance-free and soap-free, so it's ideal for those with super sensitive skin.

And finally, always moisturize after shaving to help soothe and heal the skin.


best shaving creams for women