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We are a skincare company that wants you to buy less.

Less of all the irritants and crap that can mess with your skin and cause flare-ups and break outs. Fewer products so your skin can find and maintain that healthy, balanced state no matter your gender or skin type. Less steps in your daily routine, because your skin doesn’t like overuse of products, and neither does your wallet.

Science meets nature.

We combined the best of science and nature to create a clean, fragrance-free skincare line that delivers real results. 

Our products contain a natural blend of plant extracts formulated to clean, nurture, and protect your skin. And we added potent amounts of time-tested, high performing, science-backed ingredients to ensure that it also performs.

My story.

I spent over two decades in the studio as an advertising photographer specializing in liquids and splashes. Shooting for beauty brands, I required various liquids I could use on set to replicate various lotions that I tossed around and splashed about, and a local lab (with a very creative chemist) supplied me with liquid concoctions for my shoots.

Having struggled with sensitive skin for years, my wife and I decided to take a much closer look at the products we were using every day. It shocked us to find out we were constantly coating our faces with irritants and sensitizers - all the stuff that’s proven to trigger sensitive skin. This was a huge WTF moment – we were soaking up big corporate irritants and paying for it in more ways than one.

So I called my chemist, and together we started a year long journey testing dozens of formulations that met three criteria: I wanted products to be simple, safe, and effective. And they worked! Our skin looked healthy again. We felt good again. Our confidence was restored.

Now I make it my mission to bring better skincare products to everyone.

~Peter Schafrick