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We found out the hard way that the biggest mistake people make when it comes to skincare is thinking they need special products for special skin issues.
While it is true that there are some differences between male and female skin - men’s is thicker, and women’s is thinner making it more susceptible to damage, and at age 50, hormones make a mess of things for both genders - that doesn’t change how skin works or what it needs to calm, heal, and protect itself. The truth is, it comes down to cutting out the bad stuff and only using simple, clean ingredients on your skin, because that’s what your skin needs regardless of gender, age or skin .
Tempted to bury your parched complexion in a rich, heavy cream? Don’t do it! You’ll only trick your skin into thinking its sluggish oil production is A-OK, and consequently perpetuate the dry skin cycle. Our Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream/Night Cream are formulated to support natural, balanced oil production, and also supply your skin with essential moisture and healing antioxidants. Don’t let your skin get lazy.
Oil is not inherently bad. But drying, soap-based products and acne treatments rid your skin of its protective oil, so your skin will trigger the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil. It seems counterintuitive to moisturize an oily complexion, but your skin knows if it’s properly protected, producing more oil when your skin is dry, and less when it's not. Regulating your skin’s oil production is a key factor in maintaining healthy, glowing skin. All Schaf products include natural and organic ingredients of skin friendly botanical extracts, oil-free hydration, and antioxidants that help to balance excessive oiliness.
Skin sensitivities can be attributed to a long list of toxins and irritants found in many skin care brands. We don't believe there's a safe level for any skin irritant, including ubiquitous ingredients like fragrance and essential oils. Why take the chance?
Your skin is pretty amazing on its own. Our products help it do its thing by cutting out all the stuff that can wreak havoc, and only using the good stuff your skin needs to calm, clear, heal and protect itself.