Yes, generally speaking, men's skin is different from woman's skin.

For starters, men's skin has more oil. Before the age of around 50, testosterone increases oil production. Estrogen, you guessed it, suppresses oil production. Another difference is that men's skin is thicker. So because women's skin is thinner, women are more susceptible to the harmful, aging effects of sun damage. However, women are more likely to take protective measures in the first place when it comes to skin care. And as a man's oilier skin begins to dry out as he reaches middle age, his skin actually gets thinner as well. Due to frequent shaving, most men have facial skin that's actually more sensitive than women's. Especially for guys who don't follow a good post shave routine.

We believe there are far more differences between our individual skin conditions that are beyond gender, and those individual conditions even vary from season to season. So lumping us all into the two camps of men or women is just silly.

Gender schmender - the key for all of us is to find safe, effective products, that will contribute to healthy, happy skin.