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I am in love!
The cleanser is so beautiful...and the skin is very happy! I'm smitten!
- Jane Daly

Dude Beauty Breakdown: The Best Men's Face Washes Your Guy Needs, Stat
We should slow it down a bit. Maybe put on some soft R&B, and let’s get sensitive. Schaf Hydrating Daily Facial Cleanser ($35; is the gentlest of all the cleansers I tried. It is a coconut based cleanser and has a scent of cucumber and aloe. What makes Schaf so appealing is that it's very hydrating as it cleanses. In the hand, it even looks like a lotion, but it's still an effective cleanser. I was noticing that I barely had a need to lotion my skin after using it in the shower. It's definitely a great option for people with sensitive or dry skin.
- InStyle Magazine

Eye Cream
I have very sensitive eyes, I have tried Clarins, Shiseido, Lancôme, Strivectin and others that all burn my eyes. I love your eye cream and have no eye issues with it. I have recommended you to my whole family. Can't wait to see what new products you develop!
-F. Schwartz

My skin has never been more glowy!
I've tried a handful of skin serums in the past and many of them left my skin feeling tight. Most days when using this, I didn't even need a moisturizer - especially during the summer. All you need is a tiny half squirt to cover your face and neck. Goes on silky and makes my skin feel amazing!!
– Jacqueline Fisch

The best I have ever tried!
This is the best shaving cream I have tried so far! It's really lightweight, frothy and easy to spread. It has a nice mild clean scent and left my legs feeling really smooth!
– Sarah G.

Awesome shaving cream!
I have tried using shaving gels and creams in the past and always just returned to my trusty bar of soap. This shave cream actually has shown me what I have been missing by using that soap. Schaf's consistency is thick enough that I can slather is all over my legs and not rush to shave them - the water does not quickly disperse the product. I have pretty sensitive skin and though this is not marketed as anti-allergenic, it seems to have those properties and shaving ...different areas... leaves no bumps or redness. I have used it with both new and criminally old blades with the same smooth results (TMI, yes). JOY!!! Also, no weird plumbing issues (I live with a slow drain in the shower and even soap will back it up) - it seems to go down just like water and I am very thankful for that. This is a mind changing cream!

Exfoliating & gently cleansing - great moisture balance
You know how sometimes you need to wash your face after using a scrub, because you are left gritty and just not feeling clean? That ISN'T the case here - this is the perfect balance of texture and cleanser to exfoliate and cleanse in one fell swoop. No weird grit left in the folds of my nose or hairline - bonus! - because it easily rinses clean. Leaves me feeling balanced and fresh faced - who doesn't want that?
-Lisa M.

Deep, gentle and cleansing
I like that this brand uses hyaluronic acid, which has great moisturizing properties. I was a little afraid to use this scrub at first as it contains apricot seeds, which generally are not recommended for use as an exfoliant as its irregular shape can leave fine scratches on your skin, however, there is apricot seed powder in this one, so the granules are spherical. It left my skin feeling smoother and deeply cleansed without any irritation.

Great eye cream!
This eye cream is amazing. So many eye creams these days are loaded with several unnecessarily strong ingredients, causing them to be too strong or too drying for my eye area. This eye cream was soothing, and most importantly to me, moisturizing. The ingredients are delicate but powerful. My eye area remains softened and smoothed. I'm not at a place where I'm concerned about eye wrinkles, but I am definitely in need of a good product to help me prevent and protect. This does it all for much less $ than most other eye creams of this quality.

The 'eyes' have it
Yes, that's a silly, oft-used pun, but my eyes are very happy with this product. It combines gentle with effective, without all kinds of icky chemicals. I've used it for only a week or so, but, so far, I'm really impressed. Absorbs nicely with no gloppy, greasy aftergoop. No weird smells. Not inexpensive, but a reasonable price for a great product that'll last you. A few little dabs are all you need. I haven't seen my fine lines "disappear" yet, and I don't expect miracles, but this cruelty-free unisex eye cream is a keeper! I vote "aye"!

This serum actually made a difference!
Out of all the Schaf products I tried, this was my favourite. It can be used both night and day and has a thick creamy texture. It left my eye area feeling VERY soft and hydrated. When I wear a concealer, the fine lines under my eyes are more visible by the end of the day. Using this eye cream under the concealer helped a lot! My husband loved it too. He felt like it helped reducing dark circles under his eyes.
Schaf skincare line has an amazing, light fragrance. Since I have switched to natural beauty care products, I have always missed the nice, luxurious fragrances of the “chemical” brands. These products smell really lovely. I also like that this brand uses hyaluronic acid, which has great moisturizing properties.

Powerhouse product
I received a sample of schaf and wanted to try it out for a while before reviewing. So here are my thoughts -- I have tried SO MANY eye creams. You name it, I've tried it, top of the line, to top shelf at the drug store. Cult brand naturals to homemade remedies. I am super impressed by schaf. It contains the active ingredients essential to renew the eye area - advanced peptides, CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, hydrolyzed elastin, and marine collagen. Better still, it contains nothing to irritate the eyes -- commercial stabilizers, fragrances, synthetics, etc OR essential oils which can be irritating for many people. Soothing aloe and cucumber round out the blend to really heal your eyes. When I have extra, I smooth it in between my brows or into my smile lines. I find make up goes easily over this cream, as there is no greasy residue.
This will become a staple purchase for me.

I’ve only recently begun using eye cream – hello, thirties! – so I was excited to receive a sample of Vegan Nutritive Daily Eye Cream to review. I get a bit lost when it comes to picking out an eye cream because every brand makes a million, billion claims and I tend to get overwhelmed and give up.

This cream, however, is LEGIT. As other reviewers have said, you only need a microscopic amount to cover the entire area of both eyes. The cream is an attractive deep yellow with no scent (I was using an all-natural brand of eye cream with coffee in and, let me tell you, the mocha smell was just too much). You pat it around your eyes very gently and the cream sinks in immediately. There’s no greasiness at all. It feels great by itself, but also won’t pill under makeup.

Plus, check out the powerhouse list of ingredients: hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, marine collagen (this is what skincare scientists are using in Korea so you know it’s good), aloe, shea butter. It’s REMARKABLE that they crammed all the goodness into a single organic, vegan cream.

It’s too soon to tell if my baby fine lines will fade, but I think this is one of the most honest eye creams – both in claims made and literal results – that you can get on the market and I’m going to keep using (and buying).

Nice Shave!
It had a nice glide. I liked that it's fragrance free. Was a slightly thick texture to start with, but I added a tiny bit of water and it created a satisfying lather. My legs and underarms are free of irritation and have a nice, smooth, clean shave. All in all I'm very pleased with this shaving cream!
– Crazycatmom

When your boyfriend steals your eye cream....
I received this just before going out of town for work.
First night back, lying in bed:

Boyfriend: Hey Baby?
Me: Um-hmm?
BF: So I used your new eye cream.
Me: WHAT?!?! Before I even opened it? You know I hate that!
BF: Shh. I love you, you're beautiful.
Me: I hate it when you open my stuff!
BF: ANYWAY, I used your new eye cream, and it's amazing!
Me: I HATE it when you -
BF: Are you hearing me? It's amazing! I just used a little, for a few days, and I could tell the difference from the first day I used it. It's way better than that other stuff you have.
Me: You were using my OTHER eye cream?!?
BF: I still don't think you're hearing me. It's amazing. I'll buy my own.

So Now that I'm getting to use my now eye cream - I do agree - it's amazing. Hydrating without any greasy feel, absorbs like it's making my eye area happy, no flare ups from my sometimes delicate-flower-type skin that will scream if offending ingredients are slipped in to "natural" formulations.

Dry skin? Gone!!
I apply it once at night and occasionally in the morning. Only a small amount is needed to cover my face. It is slightly thick out of the pump, but applies very thin and absorbs quickly. It does a really good job at keeping my dry skin....less dry. In the winter, my skin gets extremely dry and this moisturizer has no problem keeping my face feeling and looking healthy. As a man, I prefer creams without any fragrance and this definitely fits the bill.
A quick scan of the ingredients and you'll see that it packed with anti-aging ingredients. I can't say for sure how much it helps minimize wrinkles, but I honestly do believe that it is helping minimize light wrinkles I have around my eyes. I have fairly sensitive skin yet this cream is safe enough to use around my eyes without having any issues, unlike some other harsh creams.

I have used previous vitamin C creams and serums before, but this one is very nice. After a few days I noticed the texture of the skin on my face significantly improved and the colors were even. A little does go a long way. I use 2 pumps of it and put the rest of it on my neck. I love using this instead of a lotion for my face because it doesn't feel sticky or like its clogging my pores! Highly recommended!

Awesome product! I usually use skin oils and cremes and don't have much experience using serums. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how non-sticky and light this serum is. It sinks right into the skin and my skin immediately felt nourished and smooth. I made sure to exfoliate before using the product and within 48 hours I could see an improvement in my skin. It was brighter, clearer and smoother. Love this product and recommend to anyone who is looking to achieve more youthful skin.

First of all I would like to tell you that I never take the time to write or review products online, good or bad. However, I felt like I needed to write to you, to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE your products! I have been an acne sufferer for most of my life and have not been able to find anything to help my sensitive skin. I was recommended your product by a friend and was amazed. Your simple products cleared up my skin and and feel so great on my skin. I also love how I can order it online and it shows up in my mailbox a few days later. I will never buy anything else, and have recommended your products to almost everyone i know! I hope your business continues to grow and are able to sell your products for years to come. Thank you so much, you have a great thing going, don't change anything! I will continue to rave about your products any chance I get. Thank you.

My favorite!
This eye cream can be used both night and day and has a thick, creamy, but not sticky texture. This cream spread easily across my under eye and absorbed readily, but still left my eye area feeling very soft and hydrated. I've also noticed that even when wearing concealer, I don't get as deep fine lines by the end of the day as I usually do. That may not sound like much, but trust me it is!

It's a hit!
My thoughts on this moisturizer? It's a hit! It's exactly as promised, providing satisfying and plumping hydration without any hint of heaviness or greasiness. It layers and mixes very nicely with other serums and oils and wears wonderfully under makeup. Plus, it hasn't irritated or broken me out one bit, which is an ultimate win for me! There is nothing sexy about the scent or texture, but the performance is tops. And again, that's what's most important!

Yay for noticeable results!
The verdict? It has really impressed me so far! Like the Moisturizer, there is nothing sexy about the texture or scent. It is a basic yellow-toned mid-weight cream, but man does it perform! One of the key things I look for in an eye cream is that it hydrates and plumps my eye area without causing concealer, eyeliner, and mascara to slip and slide throughout the day. This does the job wonderfully! It wears exceptionally well under makeup with its completely non-greasy texture. I've been using it regularly for a few weeks now and I have to say that the fine lines around my eyes are looking less visible, my skin, more plump. Yay for noticeable results!
-Jennifer Monforton

LOVE the product!
It’s my go-to when I travel, compact, clean, feels fantastic. You’ve created quite the product, bravo!" - D. N.

Green Beauty Elevated
Schăf skin care is a brand that understands the simple needs of our skin. The products are a real joy to use and experience. I love the plant based approach behind schăf and how it is suitable for all skin types + men and women.

Intended for use by ALL skin types
Obviously, I am a fan and you cannot complain about the prices either! I hope the line expands because I would love to try more from Schaf! This is a truly natural product line so if you are looking for a skincare company that truly wants you to have GOOD and HEALTHY skin, look no further than Schaf Skincare.

The Gentle Skincare Company You Need To Know
No matter what your skin type, you’ll also love the Nutritive Moisturizer. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, and Peptides to help keep skin hydrated, plumped, and fight off discolouration. The moisturizer is oil-free so it feels light and refreshing on skin, takes away any tightness, but doesn’t make skin look or feel greasy. It is great for priming skin for foundation or any other base, and kept my face feeling comfortable throughout the winter. My skin not only felt better – it looked better too. Schaf is definitely my favourite new skincare line that I’ve tried recently, and if you’re looking for gentle skincare products then it’s the one to try. Oh, and I should mention that the line is for men and women.

Most lovely shaving cream
I tried the entire line of Schaf products and love them all. But my favorite is the Shave Cream. It has the nicest feel in my hands and on my legs. I feel pampered...and it's just shave cream!

If there's one product that plays a vital part in my routine, it's the face scrub - I simply can't go without it! Schaf Purifying Scrub is without doubt my favourite product in the range. I can be very fussy about what face scrub I use, but Schaf Scrub impressed me immensely.

I’ve been using it after I get into the office; walking to work has been giving me a lot of face time with old man winter’s dry air, and schaf fixes that problem.