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Hello Peter,

I have been meaning to write for some time to tell you how happy I am with your products.

I was web surfing and came across Schaf on The Detox Market and I decided to go to your website. I was  looking at your products because I was looking for an eye cream to replace mine; I messaged your online chat and the person who helped me was so great, I had a lot of skin issues and they took the time to try to figure them out with me, and make careful suggestions.

I have had sensitive skin since I was in my mid-teens, always tending to be dry and reactive, thankfully my mom was into taking care of her skin so she helped me along. By the time I was in my early 20’s I ended up having terrible hormonal problems that weren’t getting diagnosed, this made my skin excessively dry. I eventually found myself using the Shiseido line for mature skin, and it was great for many years. When I in my 30’s I ended up with a job in a spa so I switched over to a ‘clean’ line of specialty products and my skin was content again  for the next 7 years.

My hormone issues were finally diagnosed after 14 years of trying to get answers, and after 2 years of trying to work with the problem I had a hysterectomy at 38. I went on hormone replacement therapy and have been 8 years now. The changing levels of estrogen absorption has created a fun rollercoaster ride for my skin. I ended up having to switch to all ‘green’ or natural skin care lines, now trying to deal with what was falsely aging skin. I was 40 with a body that was acting like it was in it’s 60’s again so the reactive and dry skin was back.

Between 40 and 45 I spent thousands of dollars trying many so-called luxury green products and then other brands carried on the green websites for my skincare, make-up and haircare. I found myself reacting and needing to try something else again and again. Because of my dryness I was constantly getting products that were balms and that helped with ‘cell-renewal’ which led my skin to shed when it didn’t need to so the oils were too rich and causing reactions. The green/natural products were causing a sallow look to my skin, it was starting to lose it’s full appearance and was constantly on the edge of dry, with areas that were flakey no matter what I did.

When I finally messaged your online person I was looking for a cream based product and they recommended avoiding the oil/balm type products. I ended up buying a few of your products that day, and then a couple more within the following month. Things were going well and my skin finally was feeling and looking good. I was happy but feeling careful,  due to a history of  my skin seemingly happy with a change and then eventually mad/ reacting; hence the constant switching and ridiculous expense over the last 5 years :)

I am happy to say since switching to your products my skin has stayed happy, it looks bright and feels good with zero flaking. I tried your regular moisturizer but found my skin dry by midday so I now use the eye/night cream for day and night. . I use the serum 1x a week and apply it in targeted areas as my skin is quick to feel dry, and I use your exfoliator 1x every 2 weeks with success. It’s such an incredible thing to see healthy looking skin in the mirror again.

In the past I  have given away so much products that ended up not working it’s been crazy-however I have made my family (and husband) happy to get almost full free skincare haha. I am so very thankful to have come across your line in February, it has been such a welcome change after many hits and misses and I will not be giving your skincare line away because IT WORKS!

Thank you, and your wife for taking the time to research, learn everything you did and produce this line!



I was in an accident at work a couple of years ago and I received 2nd-degree burns on my face. I could only wash with bottled water for a while and then I move on to micellar water but that was too harsh...because my skin cells were not functioning as they should have been, it was really hard to get my face clean with the non-foaming cleansers available to us here in Canada (I am thinking of 2 very popular brands of creamy consistency) BOTH were awful on my poor skin. Burning, irritation and inflammation. I was using a cleansing lotion by Avene which has been discontinued for a while that I really loved. I begged the company to please reconsider discontinuing...I digress. I was almost at my wit's end until I tried the Schaf Facial Cleanser. For 4 months now my skin has been clean, not stripped or dry and NOT irritated. I LOVE THIS CLEANSER and I will NEVER use anything else. THANK YOU MR SCHAFRICK.




This is the first brand of skincare that has ever worked for my sensitive and very dry skin! Over the years I have spent SO much money on serums, creams, lotions, cleansers, and everything possible but THESE @schafskincare products are seriously the best. Thank you for creating these incredible products! ❤️




Thanks for making such great products. Your cleanser and moisturizer have already calmed down and hydrated my skin. I’ve tried so many pricy conventional and green beauty products with no results. Even pricy brands like May Lindstrom and Pai and the likes didn’t help my dry cheek patches, or caused more issues. Essential oils aren’t my problem, and I find in fact that your products compliment my use of Living Libations products. If you can find it at The Detox Market I’ve probably tried it.

I’m in my 40s and developed rosacea like symptoms about 5 years ago after trying prescription retinol for tiny fine lines. Previously my skin was clear 😞 but after using the retinol I was left with red angry cheeks, sensitive skin, bumps that come and go, and acneic skin. I’m very pale so it’s very noticeable. My goal is to get my skin back to not needing makeup to cover redness daily. I’ve tried so many prescriptions, treatments, medicines and products and nothing had helped much.

I’m thankful Schăf sent me a sample of the eye cream because it’s amazing.   My eyes are very sensitive and this doesn’t irritate at all, I wake up with nice hydration around the eyes.

Please consider making a hand lotion and body lotion. Right now my hands are chapped from overwashing and I’m using your regular moisturizer on them. It’s the only thing besides CV Skinlabs hand/body that doesn’t irritate the small micro cuts in my chapped hands and I think a body lotion from Schăf would be perfect. Sign me up.

Now I just need to find something to get rid of the deep horizontal lines on my forehead that bad skin stress worrying has given me over the years!