Skincare that works because of what's in it, and what's not

We combined the best of science and nature to create a skincare line that delivers real results.

We cut out all the toxins and sensitizers, including fragrances and essential oils, that can cause break outs, irritation, and aggravate skin.

Then we added potent concentrations of science backed, plant based ingredients formulated to deliver healthy looking skin, and address just about every age concern you can dream up.

Our key ingredients:

• hyaluronic acid • bakuchoil • olive squalane • grape seed oil • avocado oil • hemp seed oil • coenzyme Q10 • peptides • niacinamide • vitamin C & E • antioxidants

Skin sensitivities can be attributed to a long list of sensitizers and irritants found in many skincare brands - even those claiming to be clean.

We don't believe there's a safe level for any skin irritant or ingredient that can break down your skin barrier, including ubiquitous ingredients like fragrance and essential oils.

Schăf is made without any irritants or sensitizers including: parabens, fragrances, essential oils, artificial colours, sulfates, mineral oils, emulsifying wax, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, petroleum, or animal by-products.

schaf serum

You don't have problem skin, you have problem products

Some skin care brands and trendy skin care regimes encourage a multitude of steps and products - as many as 12 steps a day! That's just nuts.

Applying too much product trains your skin to rely on these products, so it gets lazy, and can't find any kind of balance with all the product being thrown at it, which in turn perpetuates many skin problems. 

We believe biggest mistake people make when it comes to skincare is thinking they need different products for different genders, skin types. While it is true that there are some differences between male and female skin, that doesn’t fundamentally change how skin works or what it needs to calm, heal, and protect itself.

Our less-is-better philosophy is about taking a few steps back, using fewer but better products, harnessing the power of multitasking, and discovering how a simpler, cleaner skincare routine can result in better looking, healthier skin.

The Schaf Age Repair Cream is an intensely hydrating, natural anti-aging cream.

Why use multi-purpose products?

Skincare products are designed to address specific skin issues, but some are carefully formulated and tested to address a number of issues at once.

There's no need to be concerned about unwanted reactions because multipurpose products contain elements that have already been tested to operate exceptionally well together.

Using them can also save you money and time because you only have to use them once in your routine, as opposed to using multiple products each time.

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