An interview with our founder....

A couple months ago, two of us had the pleasure of attending a masterclass at the Detox Market all about face serums. We tested the texture of different serums and heard about their incredible natural ingredients and their benefits. At the end, I had a list of about five different serums I would like to have in my personal collection, but walked away with the Schaf Serum, a light and firming serum that made my skin feel both clean and tight, but in a gentle way without any drying. I now use it every day and have found my skin more smooth and firm. I have since tested the entire line and love the feel of the dual night cream/eye cream which helps after long days (it’s patio season, after all) and early mornings (gotta get those workouts in!).

Clean lines (check out that beautiful packaging), minimal ingredients, actual results, developed in Ontario – what’s not to love about this skincare line? Read below for some insight into the brand’s genesis and priorities from Schaf’s founder, Peter Schafrick.

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself to WTD readers.

Peter Schafrick: My name is Peter Schafrick, and I’m the founder of Schaf Skincare. I live in Niagara, with my architect wife, and 2 young children. We recently relocated here from Toronto in order to fulfill our goal of reducing stress in our lives, and to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. We love getting to know organic farmers, and the wine ain’t bad either!

WTD: What inspired you to start Schaf skincare?

PS: I was compelled to develop Schaf out of frustration of not being able to find skincare products that were both effective and safe. The products we previously used were full of toxins, but they did work fairly well. On the flip side, all-natural products we tried were free of toxins, but they didn’t work well at all. I figured there had to be a better way. On a dare from friends and family, I did some research and found a lab who was willing to work with me in creating samples I could test. And after more than a year, the chemist and I developed formulas that worked exceptionally well, but also were free of any toxins. That’s when I knew we might be on to something!