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Ironically enough, photographer Peter Schafrick started developing products for men (mainly to address his own personal skin concerns) but decided to make them gender-neutral once female friends and family members started requesting them. "Together with my chemist, I tweaked the formulations slightly to ensure all our products were able to address all sorts of skin issues and types of skin in order to reinforce the simplicity and appeal of the brand for women who we felt could benefit from using fewer products and men who are notorious for wanting to keep things simple," says Schafrick, who brought the brand stateside in early February after launching successfully in Canada. But don't think that creating products with a chemist means the formulas are packed with nasty ingredients. In fact, the 10-piece lineup is entirely vegan and free of fragrances, parabens, gluten, and animal cruelty.

While the formulas are all potent and efficacious on men and women alike, the packaging needs to be called out as well. Schafrick thoughtfully packaged the moisturizer ($45), serum ($65), night cream ($60), and shave cream ($20) in airless pump bottles to preserve the integrity of the formulas that include antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides that can break down when exposed to air, and to prevent wasting product itself - you can never get that last bit of moisturizer or serum that's just clinging to the bottom of the bottle!