Schaf Strikes Out From Canada

During a nearly two-decade career as a commercial photographer, Peter Schafrick has specialized in high-speed snaps of liquid splashes and crashes. He's captured fluid whooshing out of razors, whizzing around shampoo bottles and splattering upon the impact of cream cleanser. Schafrick's path as a beauty entrepreneur has been sluggish by comparison. He's expanded his clean skincare brand Schaf carefully over five years in his native Canada at retailers and online shopping destinations such as The Detox Market, Jacob & Sebastian, Kent of Inglewood, Hudson's Bay and Now, Schaf's ready to push into the United States, where it recently launched at the e-tailer LeVert Beauty en route to additional outlets stateside. "I want to take it easy. I don't want to make mistakes with the brand that will come back to bite me later on," says Schafrick. "I would like to partner with a particular U.S. retailer, and really spend a lot of time helping the sales staff on the floor, and developing a true partnership to see what we can do with this brand through a true partnership instead of having six, seven or eight retailers and trying to keep up with that type of growth."