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How It Began

How It Began

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How it began.

It began with my belief in the importance of simplicity, health, and inclusivity. 

When I eventually found the time to take a close look at the skincare products my wife and I were using, we were shocked to see how harmful many of the ingredients were.

We were blindly soaking up big corporate irritants. 
We questioned the silos between male and female products. 
We were told by many brands to perform complicated routines. 
All with very disappointing results.

I thought there must be a better way. 

So I created a simpler, safer, high performance skincare line that works for everyone - regardless of gender, age, or skin type.

Schăf gave us back healthy, clear skin - and I have made it my mission to help others simplify their lives and achieve healthier skin.

Since inception, we've always had the fundamental ideals of simplicity, health and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that in order to achieve clear, healthy looking skin, a simple, less-is-more practice using irritant-free products to clean and nurture skin needs to be followed to break the cycle of overstimulation, and reset skin's natural balance and regeneration system.


Applying too much product trains your skin to rely on these products - so it gets lazy, can't fend for itself, and can't find any kind of balance with all the product being thrown at it - which perpetuates many skin problems. 


Our minimalist philosophy, or Skinamilism, is about taking a few steps back, using fewer but better products, harnessing the power of multitasking, and ultimately committing to a simpler, cleaner skincare routine to achieve better skin health.

Any skincare brand can call themselves clean—but can they truly back it up?


We sure can. And here's how.


All of our products have received the Good Face Project Seal Of Approval.


You won't find a cleaner, safer skincare line.


All Schăf products are EWG Verified, Good Face Project Approved, Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, irritant-free, gluten-free, vegan, and Made in Canada.

Schaf Moisturizer

Schaf Moisturizer


The Schaf Moisturizer is a plant-based face cream for all skin types that deeply hydrates skin, without feeling heavy or greasy, and is formulated to deliver healthy-looking skin and promote healthy skin aging. Seals and hydrates skin while nourishing, protecting, and reducing the… Read More

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Schaf Facial Cleanser

Schaf Facial Cleanser


The Schaf Facial Cleanser is a gentle but highly effective face wash that prepares your skin for moisturizer or serum, without disturbing the delicate pH-balance or skin barrier function. Formulated for all genders and skin types, this coconut-based, non-comedogenic face… Read More

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